Bike The Night Campaign

Communication Design

The Client

HUB Cycling is a charitable non-profit organization, established in 1998 (originally named the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition) to improve cycling conditions in Metro Vancouver. Since then, we’ve grown a lot! We’ve impacted infrastructure, educated thousands of children and adults and motivated thousands more.

The Purpose

• Increase participation/engagement both online and at HUB Cycling’s Bike the Night
• Show support for cycling and mass participation bike rides – this is critical when HUB approach the City of Vancouver and other sponsors for financial support in 2019
• Create awareness of HUB Cycling as Metro Vancouver’s Cycling Organization
• Introduce a younger more diverse demographic to Bike the Night and HUB Cycling’s programs​​​​​​​

SWOT Analysis


Michael Mrozeck (21 years old)
Income : $18.000 – 24.000 a year
Michael just graduated from Nimbus, where he did the Advanced Audio Engineering Program. He loves adventures and to travel. Now he is working as a part time worker at Darby’s Gastown. During his free time, Michael loves to meet up with his friends and go outside the city for a few days for camping. He is hoping to get a proper job related to his sound degree, later this year.


Summer Halamas
(31 years old)
Income : ~$60.000 a year.


Tom Anderson
(50 years old)
Income : ~$100.000 a year.

Big Idea

Change of scenery, change of life.

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