Bike The Night Campaign

Communication Design
A VFS Digital Design student project in collaboration with HUB Cycling, showcasing our social media campaign skills.

The Client

HUB Cycling is a well-established charitable non-profit organization founded in 1998 (originally as the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition). Its mission is to create a safer and more accessible cycling environment within Metro Vancouver. HUB Cycling boasts a proven track record of success, driving infrastructure improvements, delivering impactful educational programs to thousands of children and adults, and fostering a vibrant cycling community.

The Purpose

   •   Drive Engagement and Participation: Expand digital reach and boost physical attendance at HUB Cycling’s cornerstone event, Bike the Night.
   •   Advocate for Investment: Showcase widespread support for cycling and large-scale participation rides, providing compelling justification for continued financial support from the City of Vancouver and other key sponsors.
   •   Establish Brand Authority: Solidify HUB Cycling’s position as Metro Vancouver’s leading cycling organization, promoting its expertise and comprehensive resources.
   •   Embrace Inclusivity: Attract a younger and more diverse demographic to Bike the Night and HUB Cycling’s programs, cultivating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all cyclists.

SWOT Analysis

To develop a tailored and effective campaign, we delved into a SWOT analysis of similar organizations and cycling events. Our SWOT analysis uncovered valuable insights that directly informed our social media strategy:
   •   Engagement Tactics: Competitors successfully used a mix of motivational messaging, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and testimonials to generate excitement. We emulated this, showcasing Bike the Night’s fun and communal aspects.
   •   Securing Support: The importance of data-driven impact became clear. We developed infographics on cycling’s economic and environmental benefits and planned a post-event “thank you” campaign targeted at sponsors and city officials.
   •   Brand Positioning: Highlighting history and impact was crucial for credibility. Therefore, we incorporated content on HUB Cycling’s advocacy achievements and contributions to Metro Vancouver’s cycling infrastructure.
   •   Inclusivity Focus: We observed a need for greater representation of diverse riders. Hence, our imagery and messaging emphasized accessibility, highlighting adaptive cycling options and a “riders of all levels welcome” approach.

Michael Mrozeck (21 years old)
Income: $18.000 – 24.000 a year
Michael, a recent graduate of Nimbus’s Advanced Audio Engineering program, balances his passion for sound with a love for outdoor adventures. Whether exploring backcountry trails on weekend camping trips or working behind the scenes at Darby’s Gastown, he thrives in new environments. Always eager to collaborate, Michael seeks a fulfilling role where he can blend his audio expertise with his adventurous spirit.


Summer Halamas (31 years old)
Income: ~$60.000 a year.
Summer is a creative marketing professional with a passion for sustainable living and supporting local businesses. She’s always looking for the newest plant-based restaurants, curated vintage shops, and yoga studios offering community classes. She often shares her discoveries on social media, influencing her network of eco-conscious friends.


Tom Anderson (50 years old)
Income: ~$100.000 a year.
Tom is a seasoned tech executive who enjoys the finer things in life. He appreciates well-crafted cocktails, dining at top-rated restaurants, and weekend getaways to luxury destinations. Tom values convenience and often seeks out services that deliver time-saving solutions. He’s active in his community, attending industry events and serving on the board of local non-profits.

Big Idea

We considered the proven mental and physical benefits of cycling.
‘Change of scenery, change of life’ underscores the potential for the positive impact Bike the Night can have beyond a single ride.

Social Media Banners & Posters